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It's been a while.

2012-01-28 08:31:01 by liable-to-explode

I'm back in flash, kind of. I downloaded the trial of CS5 and it's pretty sweet. I'm finally working on Welcome the Apocalypse 2, we'll see if that ever gets done. Anyway, here's my .swf portfolio I've been working on, I didn't want to put it in the portal, that'd be a waste of space. But I still wanna show it off and maybe get some design jobs, haha. Keep an eye out for Welcome the Apocalypse 2 within the next week or so. Bye!

Portfolio.swf: 169507b5bd8f970b2d427b4bce62e1

It's been a while.

Munny Mayhem

2011-01-27 23:55:56 by liable-to-explode

Quite a while ago, NG had a contest involving Munny figures. Although I didn't enter, I really liked the idea of a blank figure to draw on so I bought one. Anyway, seeing as NG inspired me to get the Munny, I thought it should be seen here. So, here's the Munny!!!

Munny Mayhem

Okay, I've decided. I need your help!

2010-01-12 03:57:50 by liable-to-explode

I've finally decided that it's now or never (meaning in a long time). I want to actually animate my story about the end of the world. A short kinda idea of how it'll be:
so... if you're at all interested, please PM me. I need someone good with sound compression,
possibly an actionscripter (that's VERY important), and a good story writer to bounce ideas off of, and give me some of theirs.
Anyone who helps will be given credit.
So... to anyone who wants a bit more than my vague animation, here's a short idea of the story:
Year:2050, give or take.
Problem: Due to military (yeah its vague but I cant ruin the story) testing, earth has been knocked out of orbit for quite some time, but due to genetic manipulation, some people are still alive.(again, vague for a reason) but over the years, there are less and less people remaining.
Now, earth is pretty much screwed and it's up to this guy to save the few hundred humans left, or delay earths imminent destruction long enough for humanity's last hope to escape.
Thanks all!
If this doesn't go well, I'll still do it, but it'll be slooow going. Haha.

Welcome the Apocalypse has been Remade!

2009-05-01 20:38:30 by liable-to-explode

I caught chicken pox, so while I was at home, I decided to remake my favorite submission to hopefully get it noticed. Anyway, here it is! WELCOME THE APOCALYPSE P1

Welcome the Apocalypse has been Remade!

Game Programmer?? :D

2009-01-05 21:46:03 by liable-to-explode

I've made the animations for the main character, anyone want to help program it??

Happy Holidays to NG! Also, watch my movie, because it took a while to make. Yeah. Here's my PRESENT to you guys :D


2008-12-07 16:18:07 by liable-to-explode

PM me please! It wil be the best pac-man game EVER. Help!!!

The title says it all. PM me if you want to help. Thanks!

Sorry about the double-post. Anyway, check out Damn Circle 3: Prelude!



2008-11-02 17:07:28 by liable-to-explode

Check it OUT!!! Damn Circle 3: Prelude!