Entry #16

It's been a while.

2012-01-28 08:31:01 by liable-to-explode

I'm back in flash, kind of. I downloaded the trial of CS5 and it's pretty sweet. I'm finally working on Welcome the Apocalypse 2, we'll see if that ever gets done. Anyway, here's my .swf portfolio I've been working on, I didn't want to put it in the portal, that'd be a waste of space. But I still wanna show it off and maybe get some design jobs, haha. Keep an eye out for Welcome the Apocalypse 2 within the next week or so. Bye!

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ca 169507b5bd8f970b2d427b4bce62e1

It's been a while.


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2012-01-28 13:28:13

Looks cool! :'D

liable-to-explode responds:

thanks! there isn't even a background yet haha but it's coming along well


2012-02-09 01:41:31

Awwwww shiiiit, looks who's back! I like the aesthetics of the your portfolio, but that shits buggier than a third rate Mexican food restaurant. Can't wait to see the finished product.


2013-12-07 09:20:25

You're a hell of an artist, looking forward to seeing more!